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Criminal Appeals

Criminal Appeals Lawyer in Jacksonville, Florida

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After receiving a conviction in a criminal case, it is sometimes possible to file an appeal designed to review that conviction and determine if it can be overturned. This is a complicated process that requires the attention of a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer.

As a former federal prosecutor and a highly skilled courtroom litigator, attorney James A. Hernandez is a qualified advocate for clients wishing to explore the possibility of an appeal in their case. He is dedicated to helping clients seek an appeal if it is worthwhile in their case. Mr. Hernandez can take the time to explain the criminal appeals process and how to go about determining if seeking an appeal is in the client's best interest.

Time is of the essence in criminal appeals matters.

It is important to know that you have a limited amount of time to file an appeal. It is essential that a timely notice of appeal is filed if seeking the review of the appellate court in your case.

Mr. Hernandez can thoroughly review your initial case. He can order a copy of your trial transcripts to examine, in order to determine if an appeal is warranted. By examining the transcripts he can determine if there is a good basis for the appeal, such as a reversible error that impacted the outcome, before pursuing.

In addition to handling criminal appeals, Mr. Hernandez confidently represents clients in military appeals.

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To learn more about your options regarding criminal appeals, contact the Law Office of James A. Hernandez in Jacksonville, Florida. Evening and weekend hours are available by request, and credit cards are accepted.

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