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Federal Criminal Defense

  • Federal Criminal Defense Attorney • Middle District of Florida
    • Probation Violations • Firearms Possession • White Collar Crime • Credit Card Fraud

If you have been charged with a federal crime, contact Law Office of James A. Hernandez for honest, realistic legal advice. For charges ranging from federal probation violation to RICO, Mr. Hernandez has been representing criminal defendants since 1986.

A former federal prosecutor, he has over 27 years of experience with the federal criminal law, including sentencing guidelines and grounds for appeal, and he will use that experience to give you the best possible defense in your individual case. Federal defense lawyer Hernandez will take the following steps when counseling clients charged with federal crimes:

  • Advise client not to speak to anyone
  • Identify any eyewitnesses and alibis
  • Review the statutes, all possible defenses, and the sentencing guidelines

Straight-Forward Legal Advice From a Former Federal Prosecutor

Lawyer James Hernandez treats all of his clients with respect, and uses his background as a former federal prosecutor and as a retired lieutenant colonel of the Marine Corps to help federal criminal defendants in cases such as:

  • White collar crime and fraud
    • Embezzlement, bank fraud, wire fraud
    • Health care fraud such as fraudulent billing
    • Mortgage fraud (wire fraud)
  • Drug crimes and conspiracies
    • Manufacture, trafficking, importation
    • Cocaine, crack, marijuana, heroine, meth / methamphetamine, Ecstasy ("X" or "XTC")
  • Probation violations and supervised release violations
  • Firearms possessions by felons
  • Counterfeiting
  • Federal Weapons Charges 
  • Bank robbery
  • Federal Child Pornography Charges 
  • Immigration and fraudulent use of resident alien cards
  • RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) cases

Contact Mr. Hernandez Today To Start on your Defense


Call the Law Office of James A. Hernandez at 904-638-3503 today for knowledgeable federal criminal defense. For the convenience of clients, evening and weekend hours are available by appointment, and MasterCard and Visa credit cards are accepted.

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